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BDO Bingo/CEO Challenge


Get your cameras ready and let your team spirit shine. This challenge is for you AND your CEO to get out and about and really show us what your team is made of!

About the Event

Get your cameras ready and let your team spirit shine. This challenge is for your team AND your CEOs to get out and really show us what your team is made of! We've got a Scavenger Hunt/Bingo challenge for you!

For this team challenge, we're getting you out and about in Calgary with some tasks and a few YYC-specific riddles! Get your team together (socially distanced, of course!) and fill out as much of the Bingo card as you can during the month of September, but here's the catch - there are a few CEO specific challenges you'll need to complete the Bingo Card!

At the end of September, make sure to submit your photos with your card and we'll announce the winners - with some spirit points added in there as well - so get creative, have fun, and get hunting!

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Please note: Calgary Corporate Challenge has a limited supply of printed Bingo Cards. Pick-up times can be arranged. Contact us here: info@calgarycorporatechallenge.com.

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All employees from registered companies Canada-wide, however there are some Calgary specific tasks/hints


Scavenger Hunt/BINGO photo challenge


A camera or camera phone


No limit on teams

Submission Deadline

Photos and Cards must be submitted no later than September 30th, at 7:00pm




  • Start

    September 2020
    12:00 am (MDT)
  • End

    September 2020
    11:59 pm (MDT)

So wait... what’s Calgary Corporate Challenge?

If you haven't heard of Calgary Corporate Challenge yet...get ready! Long gone are the days of snooze-worthy talks, awkward lunches or trust falls – with Calgary Corporate Challenge, it’s all about challenging yourself and your coworkers in sports and games that bring you together. Our mission is to provide the Calgary ( and surrounding area) corporate community with professionally managed team building events that emphasize fun, encourage participation, inclusion, health & fitness, and positive teamwork...oh and we dabble in some charitable works as well. Click the link below to get to us better!

Learn More

Why Extraordinary Circumstances?

We've been hearing it for awhile now and, even though it's been roughly 1000 years in self-isolation, it remains true: We are living in unprecedented times. Due to the ever-evolving situation with COVID-19, and with our participants' safety at the forefront, the September Games are no longer viable. Unlike Ross Geller though, we've managed to "PIVOT!".

What's better than 16 days of events?Β 3 monthsΒ of events! Calgary Corporate Challenge remains committed to providing our participating companies opportunities to promote teamwork, community building, employee engagement, and networking. We are proud to present aΒ brand newΒ slate of events in theseΒ Extraordinary Circumstances.

What will the 2020 CCC Games: Extraordinary Circumstances look like?

Much like the September Games, Extraordinary Circumstances will be a mixed bag of 'Sports' Events, Monthly Challenges, and Special/Social Events, all designed to bring people together! From July to September, CCC will be hosting numerous tournaments and facilitating challenges to get people active and connecting. What are you waiting for?

So who can participate in Extraordinary Circumstances?

In an effort to get even more of your company involved, CCC has eased restrictions on employee participation. Does your office have 40 people who want to participate in trivia? Great, 10 teams it is! Is the entire office going to compete in the Suncor Step Challenge? The more the merrier! Plus, for the first time, every employee from any Canadian office of a registered company is invited to join in. Surprise! Virtual & digital events have far fewer participation limits.

How will I connect with my coworkers and other participants?

Discord will be our main form of communication during events! (See the next FAQ for more)

ZoomΒ will also make an appearance at some of our events. While we're familiar with the perils of "Zoom fatigue", we promise these events won't feel like just another Zoom meeting!

We also strongly encourage our Company Captains and Team Captains to foster these relationships and connections by organizing their own remote team huddles. We want the spirit of the September Games to live on through these events, so get those happy hour drinks flowing and look at how your team measures up on our Event Leaderboards!

What is Discord?

Discord is easy, intuitive, and it's free! We will useΒ Discord ServersΒ to get many of our tournaments organized, but the channels will also remain open for our participants to stay connected throughout the events. Who couldn't use a little more human interaction these days?

What's the difference between an Event and a Challenge?

Events will take place on a specific date & time. Challenges follow a "do-it-yourself" model and can be done at your convenience within a certain time frame!

Are there trophies and medals to be won this year?

Yes, Spirit Trophies are on the line! Divisional Trophies and Medals will not be awarded this year, but that doesn't mean there won't still be winners. Bragging rights are still up for grabs.

More information about the following will be provided as soon as possible:

Special Events including the Design Challenge, CEO Challenge, Halftime Party, and Closing Ceremony

Have more questions about Calgary Corporate Challenge?

If you still have questions or aren't sure what to expect head over to our FAQ page for more information!

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Whether you're looking for the latest info or want to find out more about team-building opportunities with us and our partners, or are just looking to kill five minutes before your lunch break β€” this is the place to see what's up with CCC.

Calgary Corporate Challenge is made possible thanks in large part to dozens of generous sponsors.

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